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Are small business loans the best way to go for MSMEs?


Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) are thriving in today’s age even with the dual throttles of demonetization and GST. This is why the credit to MSMEs is also expected to climb at 12-15 % over the next five years1. It is also seen that the government has started a range


Traditional vs new age finance in the modern age


The concepts of finance have always remained consistent with the times. The methods of executing financial services have undergone many changes though. Traditional finance relied on building a strong one-stop-shop with the entire gamut of services that an individual would need. With the


Why FinTech will disrupt the lending sector in India?


The lending sector in India has always had two distinct segments in operation. The standard lending segment is run by banks that offer loans for your business or for your personal needs like buying a house, a car etc. Then there is the alternative lending sector which has historically relied on securi

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